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    I am a photographer, writer and storyteller. This blog reflects my love of the beach, swimming, sailing, sunshine and sea breezes. My travels have taken me all over the world, and still there are so many more beautiful places I dream of exploring.


    I hope that through this collection of stories and images you are inspired to find your own version of paradise - a place where water comes in more shades of blue than we have names for, the powdery white sand feels cool and soft underfoot, and a salty sea breeze ruffles your hair. A world of saltwater and sunshine. 

    About Me

    It would be true to say that I have loved the beach for as long as I can remember. When I am there, I am in heaven. When I am not, my thoughts are not far away. This love-affair with saltwater is not an easy one ... you see my home is in rural Australia far, far from the sea. 

    I live in a place of rolling dry hills, sheep, cows and horses, gum trees and drought. This means that when I travel, it is usually to a far away place where I can walk the beaches, swim in the ocean, body surf, snorkel, sea kayak and sail. I am always happiest when when I am in, or on, saltwater. The ocean is my spiritual home. It is where my soul comes alive. 

    Decades spent as a photo-journalist made my sea-gypsy life possible, and for that I am grateful. I couldn't imagine a life without the vivid colours, sounds and smells of the sea. If you are reading this blog, I imagine you feel the same way. 

    Through saltwater and sunshine I hope to inspire you to immerse yourself in stories about some of the most beautiful places on our blue planet. Even better, dust off your beach bag, kick off your shoes, pour yourself a cold drink, and come with me now. 

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